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We are a certified bulk supplier of frozen fish and seafood, dried seafood, to several locations worldwide with fast shipping service to our clients.


We have all the operation certificates to prove ours fish and seafood quality services including export license

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After checking the product and making your inquiry, once your ordwer is placed, we do all our best to proceed with the shipping ASAP

High quality

Quality fish and seafood is what we supply our clients because we believe in mutual benefits. Your clients should have good quality

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A trusted and affordable place to buy fresh frozen seafood like salmon, Pollock, tilapia, shrimps, crabs and dried seafood like dried seahorse and dried sea cucumber. 

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Best Selected Frozen Fish & Seafood

We specialize in supplying a wide variety of premium seafood products. From succulent prawns and flavorful crabs to tender lobsters and delectable scallops, our offerings include an array of fresh and high-quality seafood options. Dive into our selection of fresh fish and tender squid, sourced from reputable suppliers to ensure exceptional taste and quality in every bite.

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Best Quality Frozen Fish And Seafood products

You are at the right place is you are looking to buy frozen fish and seafood in bulk with best quality and quick shipping after order.

Frozen Mackerel Fish Supplier

Fresh Seafood

Dried Seahorse Size 7cm 1800-2500 pcs kg

Dried Seafood

Buy Ambergris white


Why Choose Us

Receive the Best Quality Frozen Mackerel Fish

Our frozen mackerel fish offers convenience without compromising on taste or quality. Individually quick frozen to preserve freshness, our mackerel is rich in flavor and packed with essential nutrients. Perfect for a variety of culinary creations, our frozen mackerel fish is a versatile and delicious addition to any meal.

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Nice words from our lovely clients

Barnabas Clark
    Barnabas Clark


    For the past 3 years, i have been placing my orders and receiving only fresh products, thanks you for your continues quality assurance.

    Hellena Revska
      Hellena Revska


      Never thought of checking any other supplier since i started buying from you. thanks for your services.

      Hellen Crialle
        Hellen Crialle


        One of the most important things i like from you guys is the speedy delivery as i order twice a week to meet up with my restaurant chain.

        Ahmed Sercuk
          Ahmed Sercuk


          Thanks for always sending good quality to us, Don't really have much to say but recommend more clients

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